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About the Farm

  Paul sold and maintained tropical interior plants to offices in the early 1980s. Instead of spraying harmful chemicals to kill the bugs, he started spraying with non-lethal pest control agents. That was just the beginning his organic path!

Here are a few words from Paul:

"When I bought this farm in 1984, I really decided to go organic, and later on, I realized sustainability goes hand in hand with organic practices. Feeding the soil to feed the plants, using cover crops and grazing animals is what I rotate in my growing system. Moreover, I opened up my farm to the customers, so they can see for themselves my sustainable growing techniques, because you got to KNOW THE FOLKS WHO GROW YOUR FOOD!

It takes you a couple of years to figure out how to grow organically and it takes you a couple more years to figure out how to sell it. It takes even more years to actually make money and become sustainable. However, I feel putting this farm together and making it successful is my passion and purpose.  He loves dogs, a good meal, and a cold Shiner