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Enjoy getting your hands dirty ?

Want to learn more about sustainable living first-hand?

Have some energy you want to help us create a better future with?

Become Involved!

Welcome to Good Earth Organic Farm!

Good Earth Organic Farm has 175 acres of black land and is located 70 miles northeast of Dallas, Texas.  Since 1984, we have implemented sustainable farming techniques to organically grow seasonal fruits and vegetables, and grass fed sheep.  Our goals are focused on the natural growth of what you eat, and also on the medicinal benefits of such meals for the body with respect to maintaining homeostasis and preventing disease.

Long Term and Short Term Internships are available.

What we are Looking for: We are primarily looking for farm help of 30 hours a week in exchange for room and board and a learning experience.  We want you to provide at least a two week commitment.

We also would welcome anyone who would like to be a day volunteer and spend a day on the farm helping with farm and garden chores.

Volunteers have the opportunity to take part in all regular farm chores, house chores,cooking, gardening and greenhouse work, shepherding, dog care and grooming, farmers markets, building shelters,fencing, and general maintenance on equipment.  We would also welcome assistance with e-marketing, event planning, and website updating.

This opportunity at Good Earth Organic Farm offers year round openings for people with serious farming interest- not simply travelers that are just wanting a place to stay.  Participants leaving this working farm will come away with personal experience of farming life using sustainable techniques that have worked for us since 1984,

We have a few possible rooms in our two main houses, a separate small house and finishing up on a tiny house (depending on vacancy), plentiful tent camping (with access to outhouse, fire pit, and shared meals indoors), and more in the works!

Interested Applicants need to provide:

1.  Resume with references.
2.  We would also appreciate a link to your currently used social media lpages.
3.  Applicants are encouraged to provide their own transportation as our farm is located in a rural area.
4.  Available dates and possible length of stay,

Contact Information:

Email -  mail@goodearthorganicfarm.com

Website-  goodearthorganicfarm.com

Facebook-  facebook.com/goodearthorganicfarm

We are a very small team running this farm and are always looking for mutually-benefiting opportunities. A list of of our ongoing and upcoming projects can be found on our FACEBOOK page.

If you posses a particular skill you would like to help us with (accounting, marketing, distribution, farming, etc.), please email us at mail@goodearthorganicfarm.com