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Grass-Fed Lamb

•100% Grass-Fed

No Pesticides

•No GMOs

•No Irradiation


•No Nitrates

•No Preservatives

At Good Earth Organic Farm, our lamb graze on pastures that are never treated with pesticides or herbicides. They eat our organic grass and hay, and fertilize our fields; no GMO feed, grains, or hormones are involved. We exclusively use a local, family-owned Animal Welfare approved facility for processing our lamb. We care for our lamb, not just raise them.

Below are most of the regular cuts we make.  To see what exactly we have in stock at the moment, visit our currently available page.

Stock your freezer with our organic grass-fed lamb special! We have your lamb chops, rib strips, soup bones, and nutritious organ meats for you and your pets. Liver, Heart, Kidney and special ground lamb patties for your pets.

We have a sale through June 30th:

Purchase 10lbs of lamb and receive 10% discount.
Purchase 25lbs or more and receive 15% discount.
Large orders of 50lbs or more and receive a 20% discount.

*This can be any combination of cuts or organ meats we currently have in stock.
No rain checks
Call and reserve your selection of lamb while the selection is good!

 per lb
$9.991Make anything from burgers to meatballs!
Leg Roast$9.992.5Bone-In,  Smoked legs available for $11.99 lb
Loin Chop      $14.991.58 chops per package
$16.991.58 chops per package
$10.992.253 chops per package
Stew meat$9.991Boneless cubes
from shoulder or leg
2 per package
Rib strips$5.9933 strips of riblets

$4.992Marrow "tube" bones


$4.992Bone with cartilage, meat
 and/or fat - highly variable
Organ meats
$7.991Incredibly Nutritious!

Heart$7.99.52 - 3 hearts
per pack
Kidney$7.99.56 - 8 kidneys
per pack
Tongue $7.99.56 tongues
per pack
Whole Lamb
$375.00~ 50
Processed per customer's instructions.
Must be pre-paid.
$200.00~ 25
Processed per customer's instructions.
Must be pre-paid.

Lamb leg and shoulder roast well with all sorts of veggies.  100% grass-fed lamb has "good" grass fed fats, CLAs, and protein. Our breed of choice is the Katahdin Hair Sheep, which is known for its delicate taste and mild flavor.

Our ground lamb can make a host of convenient dishes, such as burgers, tacos, lasagna, and meatballs! Our ground lamb is 80/20 and comes in approx. 1 lbs packages.

Lamb chops come in different varieties.  They are an easy way to portion lamb into individual serving sizes.  Loin, rib and shoulder chops are all chops, but have different qualities.  Rib chops have the highest bone to meat ration, but are usually the most tender chop, especially on a grass fed animal.  Loin chops have more meat than an equal size rib chop, but are not as tender.  Shoulder chops are larger and have small portions of bone. Chops are great in a crock pot,  baked in the oven, as with all 100% grass-fed meats, care must be taken not to over heat and dry out the meat.  We suggest that you marinate chops destined for the grill and do not overcook them.  

Most markets welcome well mannered pets.  Enjoy a morning excursion with your four legged friend - its better than the dog park !  If you feed your dog raw/cooked bones and/or organ meats,  try our 100% grass-fed lamb soup bones, liver, heart or kidney.  Many of our certified organic greens and carrots can be a great addition to the diet of lizards, hamsters, rabbits, birds, fish, etc. 

You can find our booth at a nearby farmer's market or pick up at the farm. We grow basic garden fare without the use of pesticides, herbicides, GMO's or chemical fertilizers.  Those wishing to ensure they are eating local, organic products from a real farm, are encouraged to visit us at the farm or farmer's  market.